Brass tubes and brass cased tubes

Brass tubes with steel core (brass-cased tube)

The inexpensive alternative – a clever response to steadily rising commodity prices

Besides the common brass pipes, Pickhardt & Gerlach also produces a worldwide unique brass pipe with inner steel core (brass-sleeve tube). The brass-sleeve tube offers the exact same positive attributes of a normal pipe, but is around 40% less expensive than a comparable brass pipes. At the same time, the inner steel tube offers greater stability over the full length of up to 16ft (5 meter). The thickness of the brass is around 0.15mm. (Important: the brass-steel tube is NOT brass plated, but made from 100% solid brass)

You can find an overview on our standard colours here: Brass colours

Advantages of the brass cased tube

  • Up to 40% less expensive than a comparable full brass tube
  • Greater stability than a common brass tube
  • Seamless, high quality surface made from pure brass  (CuZn37)
  • Much better surface quality and scratch resistance than brass-plated material
  • Every type of surface/colour available: polished, brushed, antique, nickel, chrome, matt nickel
  • Available in lengths of up to 16ft (5 meter)
  • Applications

    Brass cased tubes are used in various industries and markets:

    • Interior decoration: as a curtain rod in the drapery industry, as stair carpet rods, handrails, railings, stair railings and banisters.
    • Furniture: as wardrobe rails, decorative tubes and handles.
    • Sanitary industry: combined with corrosion protected core as shower rails and towel rails
    • Ship building: as railings, handrails and decorative tubes and frames
    • Lighting industry: as foot for floor lamps


    You can find an overview on our standard colours here: Brass colours

    Pickhardt & Gerlach offers the complete bandwidth of surface finishing of brass tubes:

    • Electroplated sufaces: chrome, nickel, matt nickel brass tubes
    • Brushed brass tubes with various grain sizes, lengthswise and circular brush
    • Polsihed brass tubes
    • Browned brass tubes with antique finish
    • Lacquered brass tubes with clear or matt protection lacquer
    Brass cased tubes in stock
    Diameter mm Wall thickness mm Length mm
    11mm 0.7mm 5000mm
    12mm 0.7mm 5000mm
    13mm 0.7mm 5000mm
    14mm 0.7mm 5000mm
    16mm 0.7mm 5000mm
    18mm 0.8mm 5000mm
    19mm 0.8mm 5000mm
    20mm 0.8mm 5000mm
    22mm 0.8mm 5000mm
    25mm 0.9mm 5000mm
    28mm 0.9mm 5000mm
    30mm 1.0mm 5000mm
    32mm 1.2mm 5000mm
    35mm 1.2mm 5000mm
    38mm 1.2mm 5000mm
    Brass tubes in stock
    Diameter mm Wall thickness mm Length mm
    9mm 0.7mm; 1mm 5000mm
    10mm 0.7mm; 1mm 5000mm
    11mm 0.7mm; 1mm 5000mm
    12mm 0.7mm; 1mm 5000mm
    16mm 0.7mm; 1mm 5000mm
    20mm 0.7mm; 1mm 5000mm
    25mm 0.7mm; 1mm 5000mm
    28mm 0.7mm; 1mm 5000mm
    30mm 0.7mm; 1mm 5000mm
    35mm 0.7mm 5000mm
    40mm 0.7mm 5000mm
    50.8mm 1.2mm 5000mm

    Advantages of brass

    The use of brass in the decorative sector and specifically for the production of brass tubes has a long tradition. Very early on, metal workers recognized the advantages of the copper-zinc alloy, which combines the positive attributes of the two metals. Tubes made from brass are well received throughout the world and regarded as standard for high quality due to their smooth and flawless surface, the mouldability, the good stability and the corrosion resistance. Steel on the opposite does not offer the possibility to achieve perfect and flawless surfaces due to its porosity.

    Pickhardt & Gerlach uses the alloy CuZn37 for all its brass products – brass-sleeve tubes as well as common brass tubes. This alloy contains 37% zinc and 63% copper. This alloy offers a favorable mix of hardness and mouldability for the production of tubes for the use as decorative and technical elements in the drapery industry, window decoration, interior work, furniture, sanitary and lighting industry.