Strip hardware

furniture and wood fittings made of brass, aluminium or steel

Piano Hinges – Shelf Standards – Bracing straps

We produce strip hardware such as piano hinges (continuous hinges), shelf standards (bookcase strips) and bracing or fixation straps made from steel, brass or aluminium with decorative or corrosion-protected surfaces.


Piano hinge (continuous hinge):

open width 20, 25, 32 or 40mm
length 150mm up to 50m
material strength 0.7mm
material steel, brass, stainless steel
surface brass plated, nickel plated, browned, lacquered


Bookcase strips (shelf standards):

width 11, 16 or 19mm
length up to 6000mm
material strength 0.6 – 0.7mm or accoring to client’s requirements
material steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminium
surface brass plated, nickel plated, lacquered