Injection moulding

Production of moulded parts by thermoplastic injection moulding

Injection moulding

With 17 machines in total, we form parts by injection molding. Our production is characterized by high productivity, which we achieve through focusing on simple procedures, such as thermoplastic injection molding with solely one component only.

Besides the production we support you with all services before and after:
• Product design with CAD,
• Prototypes by 3D printing, by stereolithography, or by selective laser sintering (SLS)
• Tool building, also economical for small series
• Assembly
• Product Packaging

We use all common semi-crystalline and amorphous thermoplastics such as
• PE – Polyethylene
• PP – polypropylene
• PA – Polyamide
• POM – polyoxymethylene
• ABS – Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene
• PS – Polystyrene

Metallic abstract.  Core of an injection moulding die, in close-up.  Industrial background.