Plastic coating

Tubes or rods sheathed in the extrusion process

Through an extrusion process, we coat steel, stainless steel or aluminum tubes or rods with plastics such as PVC – polyvinyl chloride, PP – polypropylene or PE – polyethylene.

Plastic-coated tubes and profiles find a wide range of applications in various industries such as interior decoration, interior build, in the furniture industry, the automotive industry, in the caravan industry, in machine and plant engineering and sensor technology.

The advantages of plastic material:
• generally cheaper than paint or powder coatings
• durability and scratch resistance
• high-quality appearance of surfaces through modern plastic components
• sound damping properties

The plastic-coated tubes, rods or profiles can be cut during the production to the desired length and also shrink-foil packed and labeled as wished.


Maximum diameter Maximum length
38mm 7000mm