Product packaging

Packaging, labelling and hanging!

Here's an overview of our contract packaging services for your products...

We offer contract packaging services for various products and applications, including small and large bag packaging, shrink and wrap packaging through to innovative packaging solutions made of bioplastics and specially designed bags with cardboard riders and Euro perforations.

Environmentally friendly packaging made from bioplastics​

Our sustainable packaging boxes made from bioplastics provide an eco-friendly alternative to conventional packaging materials. They combine sustainability with functionality while providing protection for your products.

Large bag packaging

With a maximum width of 50 to 400 mm and a length of 80 to 700 mm, our large bag packaging solutions offer ample space for a variety of products.

Shrink-wrap packaging

For elongated products such as tubes or profiles, we offer shrink and wrap packaging services. These packaging methods not only guarantee secure protection against external influences, but also space-saving storage and dispatch.

Small bag packaging

Whether screws, plugs or small parts – with our small bag packaging, we bring your products safely and well protected to the market.

Bags with cardboard tabs and Euro perforations

Our bags with cardboard tabs and Euro perforations are specially designed for the retail trade and make it easier to present your products in stores.


We offer:

  • Blister- and skin packaging
  • bag packaging
  • carton boxes
  • wrapping foil
  • shrink foil
  • wooden boxes

We also offer special DIY hanging tools and boxes for accessories from our own production.

With pleasesure we help you with the design of the packaging as well.