Pickhardt & Gerlach let your dreams come true: Surface finishings of the highest quality

We offer the finishing touches on brass tubes: Polishing, matt brushing, browning, antique, chrome-plating, nickel-plating, lacquering and much more. Brass tubes are our passion. While offering about 15 standard colours from stock, we take pride in matching any colour offered worldwide.

Our standard diameters range from 9 to 50.8mm with a standard length of 5000mm (16.4 ft)

brass tube matt nickel, radial brush

brass tube matt nickel, lengthwise brush

brass tube matt, radial brush

brass tube matt, lengthwise brush

brass tube radial bronze, light

brass tube radial bronze, dark

brass tube antique, dark

brass tube antique, black

polished brass tube

nickel-plated brass tube

chrome-plated brass tube